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  In this paper, pulverized coal particles are charged on the basis of success, through the use of the original cyclone electrostatic charge system, build the pulverized coal flow injection charge combustion system, using a photographic record and analysis of its ignition and combustion state, using sampling thermal analysis method of burnout, which explore the charged pulverized coal flow combustion status.

  Key words: corona discharge, the pulverized coal flow, combustion, thermal analysis

  China is the worlds largest coal producer and consumer countries, is also one of the world on one of the few countries with coal as the main primary energy, the proportion of coal in Chinas energy consumption structure has been very high. Among them, the majority of coal combustion for power generation and heating industry. For large-scale coal-fired power plants and boilers, pulverized coal combustion is the main combustion. However, the use of pulverized coal combustion efficiency is not high and the environmental pollution caused by burning has been one of the most important factor restricting Chinas sustainable development.Based on comprehensive consideration of the pulverized coal combustion efficiency and low pollution, proposed the strengthening of the corona load coal powder combustion mechanism and experimental study. By high voltage electrostatic field to produce solid particles and gas charged role, on the one hand, the high mobile kinetic energy of the gas atoms or ions, contact with the coal particles, part of the energy transfer to the coal surface, causing the particles in an unstable high-energy state, increasing the particle surface activity; corona the other hand, oxygen, carbon monoxide, methane and other gases, ions, electrons of high energy, to speed up coal particle combustion reaction speed, reduce the temperature of the combustion reaction as possible. However, in actual production during coal combustion, coal is usually in the flow state. In theory, the flow of pulverized coal combustion efficiency is greater than the static pulverized coal, pulverized coal flow in the charged combustion enhancement is possible.On the basis of the coal particles charged through the use of the original electric whirlwind charged system, build a pulverized coal flow injection charge combustion system, the use of photographic records to analyze the ignition and combustion state, the use of sample thermal analysis method to analyze the fuel do, which explore the coal-bearing powder flow combustion conditions.